back in the saddle

groping toward an online presence

The “Inner Party Links” will take the visitor variously to my personal blogs (“Slouching Toward Urschleim” and others); to the “Diebold Variations,” which occasioned my fifteen minutes of fame back in the day; to the “Glide Path,” a series of photographs taken at the Cowell Fountain at UC Santa Cruz at five-year intervals beginning in 1972; and to other destinations yet to be enumerated. You’ll just have to trust me on this.

these are all links to pages (most on this server, a few elsewhere) concerning self, family and pets

more general links

this “personal website” business…

Seems so twentieth century, does it not? Still, Apple is kicking me off its servers at the end of June 2012, so some kind of repository for the scraps and fancies I've parked there since 2004 must needs be established. This is the squalid refugee encampment for all that digital detritus. Welcome to my world.

Heading Level 2

Slowly it comes together. Now we test our current FTP. Locked? WTF?

Heading Level 3

God bless Fetch.